Physical Height: 1.7cm (Approx 0.75 inches) Width: 6.5cm (Approx 2.5 inches) Environmental Operating Temperature: -10°C (-14F) min to 70°C (158F) maximum Connectivity The Milelogik TL1000 connects to your PC using a USB connection providing fast and simple data transfer           to the MileLogik Manager application. GPS High Sensitivity GPS receiver up to -165dB (tracking) Acquisition time (average open sky) Hot-start ~2 seconds Cold start ~36 seconds Position accuracy SBAS 2.5mtr Sensors and indicators High Power blue Led under the button remains visible even in bright sunlight (Ajust to light condition) Push Button to signal journey type , split a trip or record a waypoints Sounder warns of GPS signal and power loss Vibration sensor ensures it only logs when moving and shuts down Led when not moving. Prevents having to press continusly in heavy trafic. Light sensor adjusts Led brightness to ambient requirements Capacity 1 million records: Approximately 56000Km (35,000Mile) Equivalent to approximately 4 hours driving every day for a year Back Details about the product Read more about MileLogik Manager See the collection of How to Videos Answers to most  poplular questions Download all the latest versions Who are we? Purchase your own Mileage Logger Go to your local distributor Contact | Sitemap | Privacy | Terms & Conditions | ©2008-2015 Cougar Innovations Ltd. Web design