Details about the product Read more about MileLogik Manager See the collection of How to Videos Answers to most  poplular questions Download all the latest versions Who are we? Purchase your own Mileage Logger Go to your local distributor 1) Claim more money back MileLogik remembers every mile so you can claim your full mileage allowance. 2) Its so simple The MileLogik TL1000 will automatically record your mileage leaving you to get on with life. 3) Never forget a trip again Using the MileLogik system users are amazed at how many trips they had forgotten about. More miles means more money! 4) It saves time No more spending hours searching your memory or diaries to remember where you went and having to use mileage calculators to estimate the distance. 5) Report only what YOU want When you produce a report it contains only the trips you want to be seen. 6) Assign the trip type while you drive As soon as you start a new trip MileLogik will remind you to assign the trip type with a simple press of the button. (You can change it on the PC if need be) 7) Produce better reports The clustering technology in MileLogik Manager will automatically fill out reports with your place names, making your mileage reports easy to read. 8) Data is secure All logs are encrypted using your password, so you can be sure no one else can see your travels but you. 9) Reports can be exported to a spread sheet Need to add a or modify trips? Not a problem simply export your report to a spread sheet and adjust as required. Produce your own excel mileage sheet. 10) No contracts and no fees MileLogik is a one of purchase, no monthly contracts, no fee’s, period! Contact | Sitemap | Privacy | Terms & Conditions | ©2008-2015 Cougar Innovations Ltd. Web design