We have created the best GPS mileage logger recorder available. The TL1000 was conceived from the ground up to help the employees, employers, professionals and the self employed workers, conform to their legal obligations. No matter if it's your personal vehicle or one supplied by the company. The TL1000 can store over 1,000,000 logs, well in excess of 35,000 miles of real usage. MileLogik mileage logger works anywhere on the planet and requires no cellular services. Using Google MapTM to offer a reliable and totally free map and addressing service. MileLogik is designed and manufactured in the UK The MileLogik mileage logger system allows everyone and business to take control of their trip register in a simple and economic way.  At the end of the year, your accountant will definitely ask you for your mileage log, most probably, the mileage log you would have never done without this tool.  Key Features • Attractive yet Discrete, fits neatly on your dashboard • Built in GPS, every trip is recorded • Always active, no delays or user input needed during day to day use* • Automatically sees the vehicle’s movement, logs only when your vehicle is moving • Audible and Visual notification of power and GPS signal Loss • Easily set up to leave your cigarette lighter socket free for other uses • All records have password encryption security measures, if lost or stolen your records are safe from unwanted unwanted views • Fully customisable reports in seconds, then print or export them to another application • At the push of the button you can choose the trip type, business or personal, or log specific points of interest.    * assuming vehicle’s on board diagnostic connector is used and remains powered at all times and you do not want to set the trip type during the trip.   The TL1000 mileage logger... Better mileage claims Using the TL1000 mileage logger and MileLogik Manager, your staff can with ease upload their trips and generate a report.  Exporting just the miles they are claiming means no intrusion of privacy while ensuring all claims are verifiable.  Automatic capture of trip data combined with MileLogik Manager software makes report generation a breeze and means no more chasing of mileage logs. Save time Producing mileage records is a time consuming business, usually involving searching diary entries and using mileage calculators. This can waste hours and often fails to conform to HMRC mileage allowance regulations. Enterprises Self employed or Professional worker? You know recording your expenses related to business trips is a must? The TL1000 is a simple low cost solution, to simplifying your life and maximising your taxes rebates. Did you know the TL1000 is a deductible expense!   Record your driving holiday. With so much of holidays involving driving: Don’t waste those memories? Capture them with the TL1000 mileage logger. With its permanent power connection there is no need to remember to turn it on, leaving you free to …. Just enjoy the journey. The MileLogik TL1000 will automatically record your trip, from the wrong turns to the short cuts and the endless road. Every mile becomes a memory. You can also export your trips to Google Earth™ enabling you to fly the route, see the surrounding landscape from the air and use all the other great features in Google Earth™ Reduce the hassle of reporting your mileage to a few mouse clicks. Are you Self employed or need to report your mileage to a boss? Don't lose valuable time or  forgot mileage. The TL1000 mileage logger GPS distance and route recorder will automatically log your travel with minimum effort.   When you need to report your mileage just connect your TL1000 to your PC, upload the data and in a couple of clicks you can print the report. No more wasting time with mileage calculators, MileLogik enables you to claim your full mileage allowance. With innovations like Trip Type Selection during the journey and the powerful range of tools provided in the MileLogik Manager software, you can claim the full mileage allowance due. The TL1000 mileage recorder will automatically record your trips using GPS with a merest of effort. When you need to produce a report, connect your TL1000 to your PC, collect the data and in a few clicks you can print the report. We are so confident you will be enchanted with the Milelogik TL1000 mileage logger that we are offering a 30 days refund guarantee. Designed to do just one job and do it properly ...  Specifications Details about the product Read more about MileLogik Manager See the collection of How to Videos Answers to most  poplular questions Download all the latest versions Who are we? Purchase your own Mileage Logger Go to your local distributor Contact | Sitemap | Privacy | Terms & Conditions | ©2008-2015 Cougar Innovations Ltd. Web design VizioDesign.ca