Customers using MileLogik Details about the product Read more about MileLogik Manager See the collection of How to Videos Answers to most  poplular questions Download all the latest versions Who are we? Purchase your own Mileage Logger Go to your local distributor “I have been using MileLogik TL1000 for over six months. I have found it invaluable in generating my expense claims. Not only has it made this a quick, easy and painless process, it has ensured that no trip has been forgotten. This feature has meant that it has already paid for itself many times over. I have absolutely no hesitation to recommending Milelogik to anyone who needs to keep track and records of their mileage.” Keith Shuttleworth Keith Shuttleworth & Associates Ltd I first bought the MileLogik Logger to keep track of my business and personal mileage as I was often forgetting journeys made. It is permanently connected in the car using the supplied cable to connect to the OBDii socket under the steering wheel of my Honda CR-V. It enables me to separate my monthly mileage and complete my travel expense report. However, when we went to Canada for 4 weeks holiday this summer, we took the unit with us. Using the Logger with the supplied mini USB plugged into the rental car it tracked every route we took. When we got home we downloaded our trip from the logger and viewed it in Google maps. It’s lovely to go back and revisit our holiday and using Google Maps view our holiday with friends and relatives. Brian Bowden, [Network Technician] “The MileLogik system allows me to collate the director’s business mileage which takes the hassle away from each of them and provides me with an accurate record each month” J Dummer Omega Resource Group plc In my business I have clients residing over southern England from Cornwall to Kent which means on average I am travelling 18000 miles per annum. MileLogik benefits me enormously in that I am not having to constantly remember to log my mileage and after a long day on the road I do not have that chore . It  helps me plan the appointments in my Diary from a geographical perspective coupled with the fact it is unobtrusive in the car. Kevin Blackman IFA Partner Positive Solutions (Financial Services) Ltd "Having an accurate record of all my trips is amazing and producing a business mileage report at the end of each month now only takes me 2 minutes." Phil Davis Lemsford Metal Products Ltd Contact | Sitemap | Privacy | Terms & Conditions | ©2008-2015 Cougar Innovations Ltd. Web design