Details about the product Read more about MileLogik Manager See the collection of How to Videos Answers to most  poplular questions Download all the latest versions Who are we? Purchase your own Mileage Logger Go to your local distributor IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT MILELOGIK MANAGER! Due to changes in the mapping software interface with Google™ maps. We have updated MileLogik Manager to work with the new version. MileLogik Manager can be downloaded from our download page HERE. You will be pleased to know that Google™ Street View has now been added to the map display. 6th November 2012 HMRC to increase checks on business mileage Over the next few months HMRC is going to roll out new redesigned business records check program following an admission that its a know area of weakness. Read More 9th September 2012 Cougar Innovations launches new web site. 1 September 2012 MileLogik now comes with a "Sticky Pad" to hold your logger in place Contact | Sitemap | Privacy | Terms & Conditions | ©2008-2015 Cougar Innovations Ltd. Web design