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• Fully automatic, nothing to forget • Claim your full Mileage Allowance, not just what you remember • MileLogik enables you to produce reports in seconds • Don’t waste hours using a diary and Mileage Calculators • Maximize your Income Taxes Deductions • No contracts, No fees • Works Anywhere in the World...  
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“... top practical gifts of the year” Awarded by 2011 YBMW gift guide Holiday gift guide
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“I use to have an Odotrack. No more service fees for me. Same reports, no lost trips or batteries to recharge ”   A. Tremblay Aikiou
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When we set out to design the best mileage logger in the world, we considered what was happening already. In an ideal world everyone would have a pen and paper and log the start and end mileage along with the start and end locations. This would enable them to work out the entire distance to be calculated so they could claim the full mileage allowance due to them. In practice you never remember to write the mileages down and are left at the end of the month looking through diaries and using mileage calculators to try and fill out your mileage log sheets. What is not realised is that you are never able to claim your full mileage allowance as you never remember every trip. Mileage calculators only plot the direct route and not the full distance as it does not account you had to divert to another the client on the way. Excel mileage sheets or logs are often seen as a simple method to log and produce reports, but whatever systems you use, you end up entering every trip by hand. This is very time consuming and leads to you missing trips, not calculating the true distance . Your claim for the full mileage reimbursement due is denied. Milelogik's solution is simple. Fit the TL1000 to your car using one of the included power supplies. From then on it's all automatic, every trip is recorded automatically to ensure you receive the full mileage allowance and do not have to resort to using incomplete diaries and mileage calculators. We even remind you at the start of the trip to decide the trip type; it takes a simple button press to set the purpose when you actually are doing the trip (changeable at the PC at any time). When required simply upload your data to Milelogik Manager and it will automatically sort your trips and add start and end locations. Combined with our innovative "Place clustering technology" reports can be automatically generated in just a few clicks. Today's mileage allowance barely covers the true costs for the distance you had to travel, so why lose money.  Forget the Excel mileage sheets, the diaries and the mileage / distance calculators and claim your full mileage allowance.
Ensure you Claim your full Mileage Allowance without resorting to a Mileage and Distance Calculator. MileLogik the simple solution to recording your routes and mileage.